*Dune Buggies Adventure

Duration: 5 Hours
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Punta Cana Buggies

Ride a dune buggy around the Punta Cana unspoiled countryside. During this tour with an expert adventure guide. Go off-road with stops at amazing places, Learn about the locals’ way of life and how local produce is grown, then taste some for yourself.

You will fire up one of the speedy and dune buggies and head out for the unspoiled areas of Punta Cana, steeped with its own unique culture and history.

Experience a way of life that has remained to this day, unchanged for over a hundred years. By taking the Punta Cana buggy out into the local environment, you will have an opportunity to explore the country from a totally different perspective.

The hotels and resort areas in Punta Cana really offer little to show the true side of Dominican life, but this Punta Cana excursion guarantees that you will be amazed once you head out into the rural areas and onto the lush tropical trails of an area near the Oriental Mountain System. You will see banana plantations along with learning how coffee, tobacco, and chocolate are produced in the country.

Be sure to bring your swimwear with you, as two of your stops during the day will allow you to take a refreshing swim if you so desire. One stop is a majestic cave that encompasses a refreshing and mineral filled natural pool. Be camera ready as you dive or jump in for a dip.

DEPARTURE TIMEEarly morning, Late Morning & Afternoon. It will be confirmed after booking.
A ride through Punta Cana’s beautiful country landscape.
Stop at the local cigar factory.
Swim in the spring waters of Macao Cave
A visit to Macao Beach
Taste of local coffee & cocoa beans.
Round-Trip Transportation
If you are staying at Capcana, Four Points or ClubMed, additional transportation charges may apply.
  Drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
  This excursion requires 2 participants. (Click here for solo rider)
  Bring sunglasses
  Small denomination bills tips. (optional)