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Reasons Why You Should Travel to Punta Cana

you land in the Dominican Republic, you’ll quickly realize why this slice of
paradise is the most visited vacation destination in the Caribbean.

If you’re looking to travel to a heavenly destination, is an excellent idea to consider this maritime enclave which is not only beautiful but also has a wide range of recreational activities.  Punta Cana is well known

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Saona Island Tour: The Perfect Getaway

Traveling is about “doing things”, going from place to place, checking off activities, collecting moments and coming home more tired than when you left. But is a feeling that is worth having! Sometimes you look to disconnect yourself from reality and Saona Island, Dominican Republic, served up that ideal day when nothing was required of me but just to enjoy being.
The Saona

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Punta Cana: More than just Resorts and Beaches

The palm-studded white sand beaches of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, are a vacationer’s dream. But there’s much more to this tropical playground.
Punta Cana is synonymous with Dominican Republic, if not the Caribbean. Thirty miles of near-continuous white sand beaches, flanked by towering coconut trees and all-inclusive hotels, making it the quintessential island escape. I know that’s what we all want when it comes to vacations,

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The Best spots to Snorkel in The Dominican Republic

Of course, you are going to Punta Cana to indulge in the most beautiful thing it has to offer: paradisaical beaches along with the beaches, the water sports. With this post, you will learn where the best snorkeling sites are located in The Dominican Republic and how to access them.
The Best Spots to snorkel in The Dominican Republic:
Punta Cana:
Punta Cana is home to

The Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

 When you land in the Dominican Republic, you’ll quickly realize why this slice of paradise is the most visited vacation destination in the Caribbean.
Heading to the Dominican Republic? Here are the 10 beaches you need to know before you go

A storied history, varied landscape, and vibrant local culture provide many ways for your holiday agenda to fill up in no time. But,

Booze Cruise Party Boat in Punta Cana

Booze Cruise Punta Cana is only for people who love great music, friendly people, delicious tropical rum cocktails and a great party under the tropical sun!
We will take you out where you will witness panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean in Punta Cana. You will experience this world-famous fishing and tourist destination as you cruise down the coast where you can watch the white sandy beaches that

Things To Do In Punta Cana – Activities And Tours

Here is our list of best fun things to do in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Punta Cana offers delightful adventures and excursions for the explorer! Visit the age-old city discovered by Christopher Columbus. Swim in azure blue waters, snorkel and scuba dive. Punta Cana is surrounded by some of the most iconic reefs in the world. Visit a theme park showcasing exotic animals and then

Hoyo Azul, The magical blue Hole of Punta Cana

The Blue Hole in Punta Cana is a natural pool –or sinkhole- that is located in one of the natural parks of Punta Cana, the Scape Park. This pool is one of the favorite attractions among tourists, mostly because of the intense blue color of the water. This cave is at the base of a cliff, and when is warmed by the sun, the